Flamingo Rehabilitation Products

Flamingo is a health and personal care brand which has a range of products especially in the field of rehabilitation and orthopedics. Flamingo has a range of products which include medical grade rehabilitation products as well as personal care products which enhance the quality of life. Flamingo'sproducts are available in a large number of sizes, specifications and prices which makes them accessible to a large population.Flamingo has products which are suitable for everyday injuries requiring minor treatment and products which are indicated for use in chronic conditions. The Flamingo product portfolio includes shoulder and arm rehabilitation aids,abdominal supports, cervical supports, knee supports, exercise equipment, walking sticks & walkers, back rests, physiotherapy aids, hernia support aids, lumbar spinal and back supports, bandages, foot insoles, cool pads, chest guards, ankle braces etc.

Flamingo has a comprehensive portfolio of rehabilitation products

Flamingo has a wide range of products including braces, splints, contoured supports, exercise balls, orthopedic heating belts, sauna belt, arch support, abdominal belts, compression stockings, knee caps, carpel tunnel splint, crepe bandages, cervical pillow, spoon splints, shoulder support, exercise band, patellar support, walking sticks, walkers, coccyx cushions, traction kits, hernia belt, crepe bandages, binders, cast shoes, maternity belts etc. These products are easily available online.

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