G Surgiwear

G Surgiwear is an Indian manufacturer of a wide range of medical and surgical products.
The Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh based company is most well known for their hydrocephalus shunts which are used in neurosurgery. The company has a legacy of over 30 years and manufactures over 300 products. The company exports to over 50 countries as well and has been certified by EN ISO 13485 – 2012 (International Organization for Standardization). The company’s diversified product portfolio includes products for neurosurgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, uro surgery, laparoscopy, treatments of burns & wounds, dental surgery, cardio – thoracic surgery, gastro – intestinal surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, andrology (treatments specific to male health) and those for general medical & surgical use. G Surgiwear products find applications in almost all healthcare establishments where surgeries are performed.

Complete Range of G Surgiwear products available online in India on Smart Medical Buyer
Some of the leading and fast selling brands of G Surgiwear are available on Smart Medical Buyer:

  • - Drapes - The company offers the largest collection of medical drapes of various kinds - CT scan, craniotomy, eye surgery, gynaecology, iodophor impregnated, spinal, general surgical, arthroscopy, incise, hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, dental, ultrasound, angiography, cardio – thoracic, dental tray, microscope, hip isolation, urological and cystoscopy.
  • - Trauma Plates - three hole “Y” shaped, curved, “X” shaped, “L” shaped, temporal, two hole straight, four hole square, muscle attachment, mastoid repair and multi hole straight.
  • - Dermimarker is a surgical marker pen used for skin and body part marking.
  • - Hydrocephalus Shunt System is used for the diversion of excess cerebro spinal fluid in hydrocephalus cases.
  • - Ventricular Drainage Catheter is used during neurosurgical procedures to reduce intracranial pressure by draining the extra cerebrospinal fluid.
  • - Mayo’s Trolley Cover in various sizes.
  • - G – Dress Flexi is a dressing with a non stick wound pad which is laminated by a polymer mesh.
  • - G – Patch is a polypropylene hernia patch.
  • - G – Graft Blocks are made from low crystalline hydroxyapatite and is used for bone repair and replenishment during orthopaedic and trauma procedures.

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