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Heine has been a leading manufacturer of high quality diagnostic instruments for over 70 years. Heine manufactures products for the following specialties: 


These instruments are used to diagnose and examine eye diseases and functional disorders. The product portfolio includes direct ophthalmoscopes, binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, slit lamps, retinometer and ophthalmic diagnostic instruments 

•General Medicine

These products include instruments which can accurately help a physician determine the reason for the symptoms. General medicine products by Heine include otoscopes, sphygmomamometer, stethoscope, dermatoscopes, examination lights, headlights, magnification and illumination, magnification, and penlight/ clip light.


These products are used in anesthetic procedures and include reusable laryngoscopes, disposable blades, disposable handles, reusable laryngoscope handles led, difficult intubation laryngoscopes


These products include dermatoscopes, magnification and illumination products, head lights, examination lights etc. These instruments are used to view sharp, magnified and clear images. These instruments are used for application in dermatological procedures and aesthetic treatment 


These products are used for diagnosis of diseases in animals. They include products and instruments required by vets including direct ophthalmoscopes, binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, slit lamps, stethoscopes, examination lights, headlights etc. 


These products are used for the diagnosis and treatment of the oral and maxillofacial area. Heine manufactures magnification and Illumination products for this category 


This includes instruments like Unispec disposable tubes, anoscope/protoscope disposable head, protoscope tube, fiber optic protoscope etc. 

•Parts and Accessories

This includes parts like batteries, bulbs, tips, and power sources which are to be used for the proper functioning of other products

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