Intersurgical is a United Kingdom (UK) based medical devices company and is the market leader in Europe for respiratory support products. Intersurgical has a legacy of over 30 years and the company believes in having absolute control over all aspects of their business from product design to customer service and therefore has most of the functions in house. The company has presence in the specialties of airway management, oxygen & aerosol therapy (treats a variety of breathing conditions), anaesthesia and critical care. The product portfolio includes masks (nebulizer, anaesthesia, oxygen masks, laryngeal, endoscopy, CPAP, high concentration oxygen), circuits (ventilator, paediatric, neonatal, Bain), guedel airways (oral/ oropharyngeal airways), endotracheal tubes, nasal cannulas (prongs), breathing filters, supraglottic airway (laryngeal mask airway), rebreathing bag and soda lime. Their products find applications in critical care be it at the hospital or at home.

Complete Range of Intersurgical products available online in India on Smart Medical Buyer

All the leading brands of Intersurgical are available on Smart Medical Buyer including:

  • Inter Therm

    is a sterile heat and moisture exchanging filter (HME filter) and is deployed in operations theatres (OT) and intensive care units (ICU).
  • Clear Therm

    is a heat and moisture exchanging filter (HME filter) made from polypropylene which prevents the passage of MERS - Cov in respiratory breathing systems.
  • Hydro–Trach

    is a heat and moisture exchanger meant for use on patients undergoing tracheotomy.
  • Inter–Guard

    is a sterile breathing filter meant for use in breathing systems in the OT and ICU.
  • Rendell Baker silicone anaesthetic masks

    are latex free and are meant for use in paediatric patients (infant & neonatal included).
  • Explorer endoscopy masks

    are used for analgesic gas administration in the course of endoscopy procedures.
  • Intersurgical CPAP Masks

    are used during constant positive airway pressure (CPAP) administration.
  • Aquamist Humidifier Nebulizer

    allows the concentration of oxygen to be unaffected by the patient’s breathing pattern.
  • Reservoir Bags

    are latex free and are used during general anaesthesia or during artificial ventilation.
  • High Concentration Oxygen Masks

    are non re–breather masks and are indicated for use on patients with physical trauma, smoke inhalation etc.
  • One Piece Guedel Airway

    is superior to conventional Guedel airways as it brings improved safety by eliminating the risk of detached bite blocks.
  • Nasal Cannulae

    are used to deliver small amounts of supplemental oxygen to patients.

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