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Matig Nitrile Gloves for hospitals, operation theatres, nursing homes, clinics and path labs available on Smart Medical Buyer

Nitrile Gloves are manufactured using the copolymer Nitrile Butadiene Rubber which is composed of Acrylonitrile and Butadiene. It is a synthetic alternative to natural rubber latex gloves which are known to induce allergies. Nitrile gloves have a latex-like feel due to vulcanization with Sulphur which gives these gloves a rubbery texture. Nitrile gloves are strong, durable, and have textured fingertips for better grip. Medical grade gloves serve as a crucial barrier for health care workers and protect them from blood borne and transmissible diseases. Nitrile gloves are important for health care workers, veterinarians, biotechnologists and associated staff for protection from contamination hazards, biochemical hazards and transmissible diseases.

Latex allergy induced by latex gloves has been a major cause of concern in the medical industry and numerous health care set ups are making the change from latex to nitrile and observing a drastic reduction in latex glove related allergies. Long term use of latex gloves can lead to redness, bumps and crusts on skin, Type 1 Latex Hypersensitivity, rhinitis and edema. Latex exposure remains one of the leading causes of occupational asthma for healthcare workers and close to 3 million people in the US suffer from latex allergies. In 2016 US FDA proposed a ban on all the powdered latex gloves.

Matig Nitrile Gloves

are powder free, allergy safe, are manufactured using 30% less raw materials and protein allergy safe making them the perfect substitute for health care workers and use on patients having latex allergy. They are economical, comfortable and up to three times stronger than latex gloves.  They are an equally effective alternative to latex gloves and reduce the risks associated with latex for the patients and the health care workers. Matig Nitrile Gloves are available in the colours blue and white and in the sizes extra small to extra large.

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