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Medtronic Merocel

Medtronic Merocel

Medtronic Merocel has been a manufacturer of PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) products for medical, commercial and industrial use since the past 30 years. Merocel PVA is produced by chemical reaction that results in open cell structure. The unique technology used to manufacture Merocel products results in the manufacture of material with distinctive micro-structure, 100% open pores, and no dead-end pockets.

Merocel products have many unique properties such as high absorbency, bio compatibility, high purity, adhesion prevention, site specific delivery, durability, and resistance to chemicals. Merocel material is also fast wicking and hydrophilic, has excellent waste elasticity and hemostatic attributes. Merocel products have many potential areas of application and use including drug delivery, tissue and growth storage medium, obstetrics and gynaecology, wound care, hemostatic control, veterinary care, dental care, diagnostics and home healthcare.

Smart Medical Buyer product portfolio for Medtronic Merocel products includes HemoX Pope Epistaxis Nasal Packing, HemoX standard nasal dressing, Merocel Pope ear wick, Medtronic Merocel Pope Epistaxis Nasal Packing, and Medtronic Merocel standard Nasal Dressing.

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