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Medtronic Project Shruti

Medtronic Project Shruti 

Medtronic Shruti is a program dedicated to deliver awareness, provide screening, diagnosis and treatment to the poor. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, 5.3% of the world’s population lives with disabling hearing loss. India has 63 million people with hearing disabilities. In many cases, ear infections have known to be the cause of middle ear infections. Oto-endoscope is a device with the help of which the diagnosis of middle ear infections can be done on time and they can be treated successfully. Medtronic Shruti was launched in July 2013 to make awareness, screening, diagnosis and treatment of ostology care available to the low income settlements and rural areas. A trained community of health care workers executes the program with the help of an ear screening kit which consists of an otoscope, a digital image device which can capture and transmit images (smartphone), an otoscope light source and mobile data sim card. Project Shruti has screened more than 270,000 people and is operational across seven self funded cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Aurangabad, Chennai, Dhaka and Jaipur. 

Smart Medical Buyer offers two products from Medtronic Project Shruti:

1.Medtronic Shruti ENTraview Otoscope - This device can store and share patient information and easily captures, saves and uploads high resolution images of the patient’s tympanic membrane. It has rechargeable batteries and is equipped with Bluetooth technology

2.Medtronic Shruti HD100 Hearing Aid – It is a Bluetooth enabled hearing aid with 18 hour battery life. It provides 65 dB gain 130 dB of sound pressure level. Medtronic Shruti HD100 hearing aid also supports 16 channel dynamic compression and noise reduction. It is indicated for people with mild to severe hearing loss  

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