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Ribbel International

Ribbel International 

Ribbel International is a well known company which produces high quality medical products. Ribbel is known for using high quality raw materials and a state of the art manufacturing process, under a stringent quality control and sterile environment to manufacture medical products. Ribbel International manufactures medical products and instruments which are used for a wide range of indications and procedures. 

Ribbel has a range of products under the following categories: 

1.General Surgery – These products are useful in general surgeries and are common to a large number of surgeries and procedures. Ribbel’s product portfolio for general surgery products includes surgical blades, disposable scalpels, thumb mini scalpels, safety scalpels, skin graft blades, stitch cutter, biopsy punch, dermal curret, post mortem knifes, ophthalmic blades, blood lancets, prep blades and blade removers. 

2.Urology – Urology products are used in genitourinary surgery and treatments. This category includes products like foley catheters, urine collecting bags, and urine leg bags

3.Respiratory Care – These products are useful in treatment of respiratory passage related conditions. Lung exercisers and nasal oxygen cannulae are important products in this category 

4.Medical Disposables – This includes those disposable medical products which are of importance during medical general procedures and specialized surgeries. This category includes trays, autoclavable trays, gallipots and kidney trays

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