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Rossmax is a globally recognized company for diagnostic tools and products aimed at prevention, monitoring and therapy. Their product portfolio consists of products required in the medical fields including respiratory care, fever management, wound healing, hot and pain therapy, obesity, hypertension and sleep disorders. 

Rossmax’s product portfolio is divided under the following categories


These products include thermometers, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters which can be used to monitor the vital signs of a patient. They have a range of thermometers with advanced technology including non-contact Telephoto thermometer, non-contact Temple thermometer, infrared ear thermometers, digital thermometers, flexible thermometers and portable thermometer testers. Their innovative and sophisticated blood pressure monitors can monitor a variety of parameters and detect arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, premature contraction, tachycardia and bradycardia. Some of their blood pressure monitors allow both automatic and ausculatory measurement. Rossmax’s range of pulse oximeters offers a wide range of features in compact size. The advanced features of pulse oximeters include artery check technology, instant readings of SpO2, instant reading of heart rate and artery condition etc. 


Prevention products include products which prevent or delay the onset of diseases by bringing down the risks associated to lifestyle diseases and conditions. These products help monitor the progress in day to day activities which helps prevent certain lifestyle diseases. The product portfolio for Rossmax prevention products includes activity monitors and scales. 


Rossmax’s therapy products improve the quality of the patient’s life while aiding in recovery. This includes nebulizers, suction units, peak flow meter and aero spacer, heating pads and air mattresses. 


The professional range of products from Rossmax includes hypertension management, fever management, respiratory management and wound healing products.

5.Kid’s health

These products have  been designed especially for children and babies. They have a complete range of product for kid’s health including baby scale, nebulizer and thermometers in an attractive design to specially treat and diagnose children. 

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