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Rusch is a division of the global medical technology provider Teleflex. Rusch manufactures medical products for the anesthesia, urology and respiratory specialties. 

1.Rusch Anesthesia Products

These medical products are used for anesthesia related procedures. These products are used for a wide range of indications while performing anesthetic procedures and come under the following categories: 

•Airway Management

This category includes products like endotracheal tubes, laryngoscopes, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways, tracheostomy products and laryngeal masks

•Pain Management

This category includes pain management products and equipment like epidurals, peripheral nerve blocks, spinal anesthesia products and custom kits 


This category includes atomization products like MAD nasal atomization device, MADgic airway intubating device, MADgic larygno-tracheal mucosal atomization device, and MADomizer bottle atomizer 

2.Rusch Urology Products

This category includes products and equipment used in common urological conditions and treatments as well as genitourinary surgeries

•Standard Bladder Management

This category includes products like balloon catheters, intermittent catheters, pre-connected systems, supra-pubic urine drainage products, urine collectors and catheterization sets 

•Operative Urology and Endourology

This category includes products commonly used during genitourinary surgeries and operative procedures. Post operative balloon catheters, urethral dilation, nephrostomy products, ureteral catheters, ureteral stents, devices for stones and guide wires come under this category

3.Rusch Respiratory Products

These products are used for the indications, procedures and treatment of the respiratory tract. This specialty includes products under the following categories:

•Active Humidification and Breathing circuits

•Adaptors and Connectors

•Aerosol Therapy products

•Airway Management products

•Incentive Spirometer

•Oxygen Therapy products

•Passive Humidification and Filtration

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