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Salter is a globally renowned brand for the production of world-class weighing scales since 255 years. Salter was established in the UK in the year 1760. Since 1998, Salter in India manufactures superior quality weighing scales as per the standards of Salter UK. Three million Salter weighing scales have been sold so far with a sales network of over 200 dealers across India.  Salter’s product portfolio includes Hanging scales, Baby weighing medical scales, Suspended scales, Handheld / Portable scales and adult weighing scales. 

Salter Adult Weighing Scales are widely used all over the world. Salter Adult Weighing Scales are accurate, reliable and portable. Salter Adult Weighing Digital scales are accurate and easier to read due to a backlit digital display. Salter Weighing Scales have anti rust coating on parts and come in conventional round or contemporary square shapes. The weighing scales are equipped with anti slip mats and carrying handles which prevents them from damage. Adult weighing scales comes in various weighing capacities to meet different requirements. The top and bottom of Salter Adult Weighing Scale is powder coated. Salter weighing scales are equipped with ultra slim toughened glass platform which makes them durable without making them bulky. The spacious platform provides a large foot room. The Salter Goal Tracker Weighing Scale allows the user to set the goal, weight and monitor the progress. Salter Weighing Scales are available in a variety of colors and finished such as pink, teal blue and stainless steel. Digital Scales from Salter are also aesthetically pleasing and look very stylish.

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