Schuelke India

Schuelke India

Schuelke is a Germany headquartered company focused on infection prevention and hygiene. They have a legacy of over 125 years & their products find applications in all healthcare establishments including OPD clinics, dental practices, nursing homes, path labs and large hospitals. Schuelke has products in the sub categories of hand hygiene, surface disinfection, instruments disinfection and skin antisepsis.

Complete Range of Schuelke Products available online in India on Smart Medical Buyer

The product portfolio includes alcohol based hand rubs, hygienic hand wash, surgical scrubs, surgical site preparation solutions, skin disinfectants, skin decontaminants, surface disinfectants, instruments cleaners (instrument and equipment detergents) and high level instrument disinfectants. As a hospital, nursing home, doctor or dental practitioner you can buy these high quality products online in small and large quantities on Smart Medical Buyer. You can even order bottle level quantities of these products and they shall be delivered to your doorstep. You can order these products on the Smart Medical Buyer iOS and Android apps as well. We have a direct tie up with Schuelke India and serve as an authorized online seller for their products in India. All products are offered at attractive prices and are despatched on the same day as order confirmation.

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The brands available on Smart Medical Buyer include Microshield Hand Sanitizer, Microshield Shield Surgical Scrub (4% CHG), Desmanol MCT Hand Sanitizer (propanol), Kodan Skin Prep Solution (Providone – Iodine 5% & 10%), Ioprep Skin Prep Solution, Gigazyme Intsrument & Equipment Detergent (multi – enzymatic), Gigasept Instrument & Equipment Disinfectant (2.45% glutaraldehyde), Octenesian Hair & Body Wash (skin neutral pH value), Microshield PVP Skin Prep Solution, Microshield Tincture Skin Prep Solution, Kodan Rapid Skin Prep Solution, Terralin DIS Surface & Environment Disinfectant, Mikrozid 25 Surface & Environment Disinfectant, Thermosept Xtra Instrument & Equipment and Microshield PVP Surgical Hand Wash. You can view in detail the extensive catalogue with all product details and instruction for use on our site.