Tynor is a fifteen year old Indian company having dealers all over India and in 30 countries worldwide. It is the Fastest growing company in India for Orthopedic appliances and devices. Tynor is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fracture aids and orthopedic appliances in India.

Tynor focuses on the goal to achieve affordability and high quality of products. The company focuses on State of art manufacturing facility, systematic manufacturing, 3-D computer designing, high operational facilities and building a team of committed professionals. They are research driven and Tynor products are in alignment with global trends.

Tynor's production facility is housed in numerous units for each manufacturing process, In house designing and product development sections, Automates for fabric cutting and pasting operations, efficient painting plant, A stitching and tailoring unit, An 8 phase anodizing unit, a Packaging department ,a Silicon moulding section, Assembly line, Thermoforming section, and Quality assurance deptartment. Tynor achieves cleaner production of products thorough an implementation of the Japanese '5 S' technique and a streamlined movement of material and employees which results in reduction of the bio-burden of the product.

Tynor products go through a six staged quality process which ensures superior quality. Tynor has been known for it's high quality products, modern management techniques, superior ergonomic design, superior products, affordable prices, product certifications and customer satisfaction.


Tynor's product portfolio includes -

Body Belts and Braces - These products includes belts and braces that are useful in improvement of conditions like Lumbar spondylitis, thoraco-lumbar injuries, postural fatigue, post disectomy care, postural deformities of spine, osteoporotic pain, Post-operative rehabilitation, stabilization during vertebral fracture etc.

Cervical Aids - These products are used for correction of several cervical conditions such as Cervical disk disease, Neck sprain and pain, prevention and treatment of whiplash injuries, early rheumatoid diseases, post-operative care, Cervical spondylitis etc.

Knee and ankle support - Tynor Knee and ankle products are used for motion control problems of knee, sprains and strains of ankle, prevention and correction of foot drop, arthritis management, femoropatellar syndrome, early cast removal, knee immobilization, preventive care in sports, ligament injury of the knee etc. Tynor Knee Support provides controlled compression around knee. Tynor Knee Support allows flexion and free support of the knee joint. The anatomical support of Tynor Knee Support allows perfect fitting with no bunching at the knee. Tynor Knee cap provides mild compression. Tynor Knee Cap also allows four way stretch and uniform compression. Additionally, Tynor knee cap is also bilayered making it comfortable. Tynor Knee Cap also has interwoven airspace allowing for faster healing.

Tynor also has a wide range of Physiotherapy aids, Finger Splints, Fracture Aids, Wrist and forearm support, traction kits, silicone and foot care products, compression garments, child range, walking aids, neoprene products and allied products. Popular Tynor Products like Tynor knee Support and Tynor Knee Cap can easily be purchased online. To ensure reliability and authenticity of Tynor Knee Support and Tynor Knee cap they should only be procured from authorized vendors.

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