Vissco RehabilitationAids is a trusted healthcare company offering a wide range of orthopedic products and has served 30 million consumers all over the globe with more than 500 products in its portfolio. Vissco has been offering fracture aids, mobility aids and orthopedic appliances for over 50 years. The products are available in India as well as internationally. Vissco's products address the needs of patients during rehabilitation, to reduce the chances of injuries, to initiate pain relief and to provide support and mobility during post-operative phase.Vissco has products for musculoskeletal health, pain management and vascular health. The company offers products for indications including cervical, abdominal, lumbar, wrist, elbow, calf, knees, ankles and eyes. Products for conditions which are chronic, regular and sports-related, degenerative and acute are all available from Vissco.

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Vissco's product portfolio has products for the entire range of patient rehabilitation care and pain management products. Vissco has products under the following brands:

1. Vissco Classic - This brand includes signature supports and braces which are a trademark of Vissco

2. Vissco Plus - This brand includes semi-premium range of products with improved look and fit

3. Vissco Platinum -This brand has elite products with the best features so that the consumer doesn't have to compromise on anything

4. Vissco Pro - This brand has neoprene range of products which are usually used by athletes

5. Vissco Smart - Vissco smart has ergonomic range of Vissco products for everyday use at home and at office

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