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Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn has been a trusted global manufacturer of diagnostic medical equipment and instruments since 1915. Welch Allyn produces medical instruments and equipment for physical assessment, vital signs monitoring, cardiopulmonary diagnosis, thermometry and software and services. Welch Allyn products are widely used in clinics, hospitals, medical schools, community health centers and health care set ups. 

Welch Allyn’s product portfolio includes products under the following categories: 

1.Physical Examination

This includes tools and equipment for physical examination including diagnostic sets, ophthalmological equipment, ear nose and throat examination equipment, ausculatory equipment (stethoscopes), women’s health examination equipment, scales etc.

2.Vital Sign Monitoring

These products are used in hospitals, clinics, healthcare set ups and nursing homes to monitor a patient’s vital signs upon admission. It includes continuous monitoring systems, cardiac rehabilitation systems, telemetry, clinical research products etc.

3.Blood Pressure Monitoring

These products are used to monitor systolic and diastolic pressure readings and include sphygmomanometers, blood pressure digital monitors and blood pressure cuffs.


These products take temperature readings and include oral thermometers, auxiliary thermometers, rectal thermometers and forehead thermometers.


These products are used in cardiac and pulmonary diagnosis and include spirometers, resting ECG, stress monitors etc. 

6.Medical Lighting

Medical lights are used in hospitals, clinics, operation theatres, nursing homes and health care set ups for examination and increasing visibility during surgical and examination procedures. These lights allow the physician to visualize tissue colour differences and examine the patient. These lights can be wall mounted or table mounted or can come with a moveable stand.

7.Animal Health

These products are used for diagnosis and treatment of the animal population

8.Population Health Management technology

These products include remote patient monitoring and diabetic retinal exams.

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