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Needles and Sharps Disposal Devices

Needles and Sharps Disposal Devices


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Needles And Sharps Disposal Devices

Sharps and Needles Disposal Devices

Sharps and Needles disposal devices allow safe disposal of sharps and needles and prevent the occurrence of puncture and needle-stick injuries. Sharps and needles disposal devices provide a safe storage place for sharps and needles before they can eventually be disposed off in an autoclave. Percutaneous injuries can provide an entry point to blood borne pathogens hence it’s pivotal to be extremely careful while disposing needles and sharps. One of the most trusted companies for Sharps and Needles disposal devices is Becton Dickinson (BD).

Using a Sharps and Needles Disposal device is essential for the safe disposal of sharps and needles. Sharps and needles must never be thrown in trash cans as they pose the risk of puncture and needle stick injuries. Sharps and Needles disposal devices should be made up of good quality, heavy duty and leak-resistant material equipped with a puncture resistant lid. Community and legal guidelines should always be followed while disposing off sharps containers. Many sharps and needles disposal devices are compatible with locking cabinets that provide security from unwanted access to the disposal device. Hands free disposal of sharps and needles disposal devices also prevent needle stick injuries while handling. Ideal Sharps and Needles disposal devices should be functional, durable, leak proof, puncture-proof, accessible, and easily visible.

While purchasing a sharps disposal device, many factors such as workplace hazards, size and shape of needles and sharps to be disposed, frequency of sharps disposal, and costs should be considered. There are various types of sharps and needle collection devices.

Some of them are

• Chemotherapy Sharp Container

Chemotherapy Sharps containers are used for disposal of sharps and syringes that have been used while administration of chemotherapy drugs. It securely stores sharps and needles containing trace amounts of chemotherapy wastes and is yellow coloured to indicate that trace amounts of chemotherapy waste is present inside the container. Becton Dickinson (BD) Chemotherapy Sharps Collector is a popular brand for this type of container.

• Phlebotomy Sharps Collector

These containers provide a safe storage place for blood contaminated sharps and needles. BD Phlebotomy sharps collector has built in safety and pen needle removal ports as well as temporary and final closures. Becton Dickinson (BD) Phlebotomy Sharps Collector is available in two sizes.

• Pharmaceutical Sharps Collector

These sharp collectors are used to collect non hazardous pharmaceutical waste and are colour coded with a blue lid. It is equipped with a gasket to prevent leakage. Becton Dickinson (BD) Pharmaceutical Sharps Collectors have transportation safety, counterbalanced door, and locking cabinet compatibility.

• Patient Room Sharp Collectors

These sharp containers are used to collect sharps and needles that are to be disposed off after use on a patient. Becton Dickinson (BD) Patient Room sharp collectors have locking cabinet compatibility, hands free disposal and tamper resistance.

• Hub Cutter

Hub cutters cut needles and syringes right at the hub. This ensures that no sharp remains and minimum splatter occurs. Becton Dickinson (BD) Hub cutter does not require electricity and has the capacity to hold 400-500 needles before being disposed through incineration.

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