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Pulse Lavage

What is a pulsed lavage?

A pulsed lavage is a device which is used to irrigate and clean wounds with saline water under pressure. The hydrotherapy performed by the pulsed lavage along with suction is a standard procedure for the care of wounds. When applying the function of suction, the negative pressure thus produced promotes wound healing through epithelialization, removes infection-causing pathogens and foreign-bodies.

When is a pulse lavage used?

Wounds caused by surgery, trauma, diabetes, venous or arterial insufficiency and burns etc. are some indications to the use of a pulsed lavage for debriding and cleaning purposes. It is recommended for use during the inflammatory phase of wound-healing for the softening and removal of the necrotic tissue. It is also used when whirlpool therapy cannot be administered due to conditions like venous insufficiency or certain cardiac conditions. A pulsed lavage is frequently used in orthopaedic surgeries. The use of a pulsed lavage is cost-effective and is seen as advantageous due to the easy mobility of the system for use in a variety of healthcare settings. An advantage of using a pulsed lavage is the easy manipulation of the pressures delivered by the system to suit the category of wound under treatment.

What are contraindications and precautions to the use of a pulsed lavage?

Pulsed lavage and suction should not be used in case nerves, arteries, tendons or bones of a patient are exposed. The process should also be avoided for facial wounds and for wounds with the presence of active bleeding. Certain wounds like extensive burns or psoriasis may heal better with the administration of whirlpool therapy. There are no major contraindications when pressure of 15 psi (pounds per square inch) or less is administered. Precautions should be taken to ensure that the temperature of the irrigant is sufficiently warm to avoid the cooling of the wound and subsequent delay in healing. Since some patients may experience discomfort during the procedure, appropriate medication or topical anaesthesia may be administered prior to the irrigation therapy.

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