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Absorbable Hemostats

Absorbable Hemostats


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Absorbable Hemostat

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Absorbable Hemostats are utilized to stop mild bleeding, aiding wound hemostasis, and rapid embolization. Absorbable hemostat can be composed of gelatin sponge, plant based (oxidized regenerated cellulose), collagen, thrombin, fibrin sealant, and synthetic sealants. These are available as powder, sheets or sponges.


Absorbable hemostatic agents are used primarily to –

  1. 1. Minimize the loss of blood
  2. 2. Save precious operative time
  3. 3. Improve visualization during procedure
  4. 4. Reliability and compatibility to ensure anticipated result

Types of Absorbable Hemostats

Absorbable hemostats can be of plant origin, bovine, swine or synthetic origin. There are many commercially available formulations for absorbable hemostats.

  1. 1. Oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC)

There are plant derived and elicit minimum tissue reaction. Sometimes the swelling due to ORC can cause pressure on adjacent structures and tissues.  Available in mesh, knit and fibrillar formats.

  1. 2. Collagen

It is plant derived and Available as powder or sponge.

  1. 3. Gelatin

Allows molding and minimal inflammatory tissue reaction

  1. 4. Thrombin

It can be bovine origin or human derived. It is expensive but multiple application techniques can be applied.

  1. 5. Fibrin Sealants

These can be applied in multiple layers and do not have to be injected directly into vascular structures. Their use in severe bleeding is not indicated

  1. 6. Synthetic Sealants

Form a shell like structure over the bleeding area.

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