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Anaesthesia Face Mask

Anaesthesia Face Mask

What is an Anaesthesia face mask?

An anaesthesia face mask supports spontaneous and comfortable respiratory functions. It supplies the patient with General Anaesthesia in comfortable conditions. The facemask offers a simple, non-invasive method to either induce or maintain general anaesthesia.  It is also used in resuscitation procedures as an effective mode of ventilation for unconscious patients. An essential skill of an anaesthetist includes the safe and effective operation of the anaesthesia face mask. It comes in different styles, features and sizes to ensure that the patient can find a mask according to their preference. The technique involved in using an anaesthetic facemask is to ensure a complete seal between the mask and the patient’s face whilst exerting the minimum of pressure that may cause soft tissue damage. For this, it is important to use the correct size of face mask for the patient. Facemask ventilation isn’t always easy and severely adverse outcomes may be a result of inadequate oxygenation of the patient. Signs of inadequate ventilation can be identified early such as reduced chest movement, absent or quiet breathing sounds, patient cyanosis, audible gas leaks and poor positive pressure build with the bag. Late signs of inadequate ventilation include haemodynamic consequences of hypoxaemia or hypercarbia (tachycardia, hyper- or hypotension).

Patient complications associated with poor ventilation include the presence of facial hair, lack of teeth, sunken cheeks, patient’s Body Mass Index over 25, patient aged over 55 years, history of obstructive sleep apnoea or a history or signs of upper airway obstruction for the patient. It, therefore, becomes vital to identify patients who may be difficult to ventilate with a face mask, to be aware of inadequate ventilation at an early stage of the procedure and to have knowledge regarding improvement of ventilation in complicated scenarios.


What are the types of Anaesthesia Masks available on Smart Medical Buyer?


At Smart Medical Buyer, we provide to you essentially two main types of face masks in anaesthesia:

  1. 1. Open Type

 which are usually used in the operation theatre to provide oxygen masks to a spontaneously ventilating patient during intravenous anaesthesia or sedation. This type of mask is also used frequently in patient recovery areas. Also known as Hudson Masks.


  1. 2. Closed Type

The other type of facemask is the ‘closed’ type which essentially allows safe delivery of volatile agents and is used for resuscitation purposes as well as for general anaesthesia.  


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