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Ankle Braces and Supports

Ankle Braces and supports are medical aids used to compensate for weakness of ankles, to heal sprains and strains, immobilize the ankle joint, stabilize and control the motion of the ankle and correct deformities. Three types of sprains can occur at the ankle - lateral sprain, medial sprain and high sprain and an ankle support or brace is chosen according to the type of sprain. The most common type of ankle sprain is caused due to rolling the ankle to the side which leads to over stretching of the ligaments. A first-degree strain causes ligaments to loosen; second degree sprains involve tearing of the ligaments and third-degree sprains cause the ligaments of the ankle to tear completely thus destabilizing the ankle. Ankle braces and supports can also be worn to prevent injury at the ankle. Ankle braces and supports are used according to the type and severity of the damage to the ankle and its surrounding structures.


Types of Ankle Braces:


  1. 1. Compression Brace

    - These ankle braces support the ankle after a mild sprain and tendonitis. The compression maintains the joint mobility while providing support and balance
  2. 2. Semi Rigid Brace

    - These ankle braces are used for mild or moderate sprain healing and limit the rolling motion of the ankle to prevent further injury. These are of two types - lace up and hinged
  3. 3. Rigid Brace

    - These ankle braces are used after a fracture, chronic ankle sprains and stress fractures. The compression of these braces reduces swelling and provides side to side support

How to Use an Ankle Brace or Ankle Support?


  1. 1. Choose a well fitted brace or support
  2. 2. Straps and laces should be fastened according to the patients comfort and fit
  3. 3. Walk and feel comfortable before using the brace for any strenuous activity
  4. 4. Replace the brace in case any cracks, crevices or holes develop
  5. 5. Only use mild detergents and hand washing techniques to wash the braces


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