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Arterial Cannula

What is an Arterial Cannula (AC)?

An arterial cannula is used during major surgeries and in critical care areas to monitor blood pressure and to monitor arterial blood gas from the artery within which the catheter is inserted. Such data is invaluable for effective clinical management. Arterial Cannula also allows repeated blood samples to be drawn without increased risk of injury to the patient.

What are the complications associated with the use of arterial cannulae?

There is a risk of arterial thrombosis in patients with a small wrist size. Arterial thrombosis may also occur in the first 24 hours of insertion of the cannula. There is a chance of undetected or occult bleeding after insertion of the cannula into the artery. Arterial cannulae increase the risk for hemorrhage, vascular insufficiency, and ischemia. Localized infection may occur and the risk for the same increases 72 hours after insertion of the cannula. It is generally advised that the catheter is removed at the earliest possible time. The wound and dressing need to be done with care post-procedure and removal of the catheter to ensure minimization of contamination. Each arterial cannulation location has distinct advantages and disadvantages that should be considered by a prudent clinician.

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