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Arterial Filters And Holders

Arterial Filters and Holders

Arterial filters are useful for heart surgeries. These arterial filters can remove the micro-aggregates and micro-emboli from the arteries.  Arterial filters are used in all cardiopulmonary bypass procedures for the removal of micro emboli greater than 40 μm in size, including fat emboli, gas emboli, RBCs and other debris from the arterial line.

Features of an Arterial Filter are -

  1. 1. Latex Free, Sterile and CE marked
  2. 2. These filters have a low prime volume, optimal filtration, excellent visibility, non- pyrogenic fluid pathway
  3. 3. The arterial filter has a vent on top for ventilation or pressure management
  1. 4. Ease of prime ensured by elimination of all putting & support mesh
  2. 5. Computational fluid dynamics design offers optimum air handling
  3. 6. The clear housing provides total visibility
  4. 7. Large frontal area provides ideal blood flow characteristics
  5. 8. Reduced horizontal surfaces minimize bubble hang-up


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