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Aspiration Catheter

Aspiration Catheter

What is an Aspiration Catheter?

An Aspiration Catheter is a rapid exchange type catheter used to eliminate and provide a simple solution of Thrombus and Debris in the coronary or peripheral arteries via percutaneous suction. It is also used in Bariatric Surgery, treatment of congestive heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, thrombectomy, atherectomy.


Uses of Aspiration Catheter:

Aspiration Catheter is used to remove the Thrombus by suction instead of pushing it with the help of a balloon. It is a very effective way of removing Thrombi which causes Thrombus aspiration.

 It is designed to offer a balance between crossing performance, Kink Resistance and thrombus aspiration capacity.

Features of Aspiration Catheter:

  1. 1. The catheter offers excellent tractability, pushability and aspiration volume.
  2. 2. The catheter tip is coated with Hydrophilic Coating that allows for easy navigation through tortuous anatomy.
  3. 3. The smoothness of the catheter provides excellent flexibility and lumenal volume.
  4. 4. The device is equipped with large aspiration ports that allows for a higher rate of aspiration and increased aspiration volume.
  5. 5. The aspiration catheter has a short tip design for deliverability and increased safety during the aspiration procedure.


When to use an Aspiration Catheter?

  1. 1. The Aspiration Catheter should be used with minimum 6F guiding catheter (1.78mm minimum ID) or 7F guiding catheter (2.03mm minimum ID)
  2. 2. Before using the product, the product should be inspected for signs of damage
  3. 3. Due to the presence of DEHP in the extension tubing of this device, it is not recommended for use in minors and pregnant or nursing women.

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