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Bain Circuit

Bain Circuits

Anaesthesia involves controlling pain, blood pressure, blood flow, heart rate and heart rhythm of a patient by using drugs known as anesthetics. Anaesthesia is usually indicated to reduce pain before surgical procedure. A Bain circuit is an anaesthesia delivery system that connects a patient’s airway to the anaesthesia machine. It creates an artificial atmosphere through which a patient breathes in and out. Bain circuits use a high fresh gas flow to deliver anesthetic gases to the patient’s airway and to wash out the exhaled carbon dioxide. An inner tube delivers fresh gases and an outer corrugated tube serves as the outlet for exhaled gases. A Bain circuit ensures that there is no re-breathing of the exhaled gases.

The advantages of a Bain circuits are that they are compact and inexpensive, they facilitate the scavenging of waste gases, have low dead space and offer low resistance to breathing. The major risk of using a Bain circuit is that if the inner tube breaks or is disconnected then the entire system turns into dead space. Bain circuits are in essence a co axial modification of the basic T- Piece breathing system and are recommended for controlled ventilation. Mapleson breathing systems perform the same function as that of Bain circuits. Mapleson circuits are of 6 types – A, B, C, D, E & F.  Mapleson A is also called the Magill system. Mapleson D is the closest to the Bain circuit and is the classic form of the Mapleson circuit. At Smart Medical Buyer we offer you the Mapleson D, Mapleson F, Mapleson A and Mapleson C variants.

  • 1. Mapleson D

Mapleson D has T piece near the patient and is considered optimally efficient during controlled ventilation

  • 2. Mapleson F

Mapleson F contains modifications to the T piece and allows intermittent positive ventilation.

  • 3. Mapleson A

In Mapleson A system fresh gas enters circuit away from the patient end. It prevents the breathing system from excessive pressure  

  • 4. Mapleson C

The mapleson C does not contain corrugated tubing

Components of a Bain Circuit

  • 1. Tubing: These are corrugated, flexible and have low resistance 
  • 2. Valve: The expiratory valve is located near the reservoir bag and is opened fully or partially depending on the type of ventilation that is being administered to the patient. Types of valves include the adjustable pressure limiting (APL) valve and the Heidbrink valve which is a unidirectional valve
  • 3. Reservoir Bags - The anti-static reservoir bags supplied vary in capacity depending on their use i.e. for adults or pediatrics. It can be easily removed to attach a ventilator hose allowing for mechanical ventilation

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