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Biomedical Waste Collection Bags

Biomedical Waste Collection Bags

Biomedical waste is waste of laboratory or medical origin which may be contaminated with infectious materials. Biomedical waste can be generated in the process of diagnosis, prevention, detection and treatment of diseases or during research about healthcare. It is largely produced in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, morgues, dental clinics, blood banks, medical research labs, dental clinics and veterinary clinics. 

Biomedical Waste Management 

Biomedical waste is divided into non risk waste and risk waste. Biomedical waste which is not properly handled can be a source of transmission of diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus. Sanitation workers, medical and paramedical staff, patients and attendants to patients are at the highest risk due to improper management of biomedical waste. Transmission of diseases through biomedical waste can occur through inhalation, mucous membrane contact, punctures, cuts and abrasions in a healthy person.

Biomedical waste includes – 

• Chemical wastes – This includes reagents and chemicals commonly used in healthcare labs and setups. These wastes can cause corrosion, burns and poisoning

• Pathological wastes – This includes body parts and fluids

• Infectious wastes – This includes wastes that have been collected from isolation wards, lab cultures etc. 

• Pharmaceutical waste – This includes expired and non-usable substances 

• Genotoxic waste – This includes cytotoxic and genotoxic substances. These wastes may carcinogenic, mutagenic and irritating

• Sharps – This includes needles, syringes, knives, scalpels etc. 

• High metal content waste – This includes batteries, thermometers etc. used in the medical industry• Pressurized containers – This includes gas cylinders, aerosol cans etc. 

Categories of Biomedical Waste According to WHO (World Health Organization) 

1. Category 1 – This includes human anatomical waste. Deep burial and incineration is recommended

2. Category 2 – This includes animal wastes and deep burial and incineration is recommended 

3. Category 3 – This includes biotechnology and microbiology wastes. Autoclaving, microwaving and incineration is recommended 

4. Category 4 – This includes waste sharps including syringes, needles, scalpels, blades and glass which can cause puncture wounds and injuries. Shredding, autoclaving, microwaving and mutilation are recommended 

5. Category 5 – This category includes discarded drugs and cytotoxic wastes. Destruction and disposal in safe landfills is recommended 

6. Category 6 – This includes soiled waste including dressings, beddings and casts. Autoclaving, microwaving and incineration is recommended

7. Category 7 – This includes solid wastes including tubing, catheters etc. Disinfecting by chemicals, autoclaving and microwaving is recommended 

8. Category 8 – This includes liquid wastes. Disinfection followed by discard into drains is recommended 

9. Category 9 – This includes incineration ash which is produced after incineration of biomedical wastes. Disposal in landfills after chemical treatment is recommended 

10. Category 10 – This includes chemicals used in the healthcare industry. Discharge into drains and secured landfills after chemical treatment is recommended 

Biomedical waste management by colour coding segregation 

1. Yellow – This colour code is for animal and human anatomical waste 

2. Red – This colour code is for plastic waste like tubings, catheters and IV sets 

3. Blue – This colour code is for solid or sharp medical waste like needles, syringes, scalpels etc. 

4. Black – This colour code is for chemical wastes, discarded medicines, cytotoxic drugs and incineration ash 

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