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Blood Collection Needle Set

Buy Blood Collection Needle and Set Online In India

Blood Collection Needle and set are utilized for simple and efficient collection of blood.

Blood collection sets consist of –

  1. 1. Needle
  2. 2. Flexible wings
  3. 3. Kink resistant tubing
  4. 4. Female luer lock
  5. 5. Self-sealing protection sheath
  6. 6. Screw threads.

Different gauge sizes are available with different needle lengths. Blood collection sets are available in sizes such as 18G, 20G, 21 G, 22 G, 23G, 25G, 27G. The wings have a purpose of preventing rolling trauma and thereby preventing vein perforation. Some blood collection sets are available with non-latex rubber sheath that envelops needle and recovers the needle thereby avoiding accidental needle stick injuries to healthcare staff and avoids blood spillage. The blood collection needle and set come in a standard packaging.


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