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Bone Wax

Application of Bone Wax by healthcare providers, nursing homes & hospitals:

Bone wax is classified under the popular category of Wound Closure & Surgical Supplies. It is an inert, non-absorbable, malleable substance of a waxy consistency and is used to mechanically control the bleeding (hemostasis) from bone during thoracic, orthopaedic, oral as well as neuro surgery. Since it is not soluble in the body fluids, it acts as an extremely effective mechanical barrier to safely control bleeding. Another widely accepted application of Bone wax is in the field of Dermatology where it is useful for wound healing by second intention. In other words, Bone wax is used to heal deep surgical wounds where the bone or cartilage may be exposed as an alternative to reconstruction by skin grafts. This method is more time consuming but is considered beneficial due to the lack of displacement of the other adjacent tissues.

Bone wax from various brands is available in a stick form and needs to be softened by kneading before being used. It is a sterile substance and primarily composed of bees wax and a combination of other ingredients such as paraffin, isopropyl palmitate, almond oil, salicylic acid, etc. Besides bone wax, other widely accepted products for haemostatic properties available online on Smart Medical Buyer are Romsons Karespon Gelatin Sponge , Ethicon Biosurgery Surgicel Original Hemostat, Ethicon Biosurgery Spongostan Powder, etc.

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Smart Medical Buyer has bone wax products listed from manufactures such as Johnson & Johnson – Ethicon and Sutures India. Popular brands like Ethilon Bone Wax and Truwax Bone Wax are readily available at the lowest prices online on our portal. Other fast selling products in this category include Absorbable Surgical Sutures, Gauze Cloth, Hernia Products, etc."