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Cervical Supports and Collars

A cervical collar is commonly known as a neck brace and is used to provide support and stability to the neck. Cervical collars stabilize the top seven vertebrae C1-C7. Cervical collars are used in emergency conditions, whiplash injuries, strains, sprains and after a surgery. Wearing a cervical collar for a very long period of time is not recommended without an orthopedic surgeon's advice as it can cause complications like muscular atrophy, soft tissue contractures, thickening of subscapular tissues and coordination, loss of proprioception and psychological reliance on collars.

Types of Cervical Collars

Cervical Collars can be divided into two categories based on their construction:

1. Soft Collars - These cervical collars are usually made of a material known as felt or thick foam rubber. They are adjusted to the size of the jaw and neck of the patient. These collars restrict motion and are a reminder for the patient to consciously focus on restricting the neck movement. However, these collars do not completely immobilize the neck

2. Rigid Collars- These cervical collars are manufactured using plexiglass. These collars restrict the flexion and extension movement at the neck. These collars support the chin as well as the back of the head. These collars can cause venous outflow obstruction

Living with Cervical Collars

1. A cervical brace should be taken care of to maintain its efficacy. The cervical collar should be cleaned with mild soap and damp cloth to maintain hygiene

2. The health care provider would explain the activities that should be avoided while wearing a cervical collar

3. Don't wear the cervical collar for more or less time than what is prescribed by the physician

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