Contralateral Routing Of Signals Cros Hearing Aids

Contralateral Routing of Signals (CROS) Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are medical devices used by people with conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss and single sided deafness to hear audibly. Contralateral Routing of Signals (CROS) hearing aids are used to help people with the unilateral hearing loss or single sided deafness (SDD) hearing audibly. The Contralateral Routing of Signals (CROS) hearing aids pick up sounds and transmit them to the ear with better hearing. The traditional Contralteral Routing of Signals hearing aids consist of a microphone that is to be worn in the hearing impaired ear and a receiver that is to be worn in the hearing ear. The sounds can be transmitted from one ear to the other via a wire or can be transmitted wirelessly. In technologically advanced Contralateral Routing of Signals (CROS) hearing aids the conduction of the sounds occurs through the bony portion of the skull to the cochlea of the hearing ear. Some CROS hearing aids are also designed to reduce the shadow effect while hearing.

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