Cpap Bi Pap Masks


CPAP and Bi-pap machines are machines that provide airway support with mechanical Therapy. CPAP and Bi-Pap machine use technology to treat disrupted breathing during sleep.

1. CPAP Machine

CPAP machine stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine and is used to assist patients with obstructive sleep apnea breathe more comfortably through their sleep. CPAP machines supply a single pressure that remains unchanged throughout the night. CPAP is usually cheaper than Bi-pap and has simple settings but may not be sufficient for people suffering from severe Obstructive sleep apnea.

2. Bi-Pap machine

Bi-Pap machine provides two pressure settings one for inhalation (high-ipap) and one of exhalation (low-epap). The utilization of Bi-Pap machine is usually recommended by the physician when management with CPAP fails or is insufficient. Bi-Pap machine may also be prescribed for patients with neuromuscular disorders and respiratory disorders

CPAP/Bibap machines are connected to the patient through a mask which can be of various types.

1. Nasal Mask

These masks permit an efficient flow of air to the nasal passages and tend to be more comfortable than the full face mask. However, they do not provide airway support to the oral passage and tend to slip while sleeping.

2. Full face mask

These masks stay on the face better than other masks and provide airflow to both oral and nasal airflow. Full face masks consist of protective seals providing a snug fit. One drawback to these masks is that they might be uncomfortable and press on multiple spots on the face.

3. Nasal Pillows

These masks provide excellent airway support but tend to move during sleeping and movement.

Choosing the correct CPAP/Bi-pap mask is imperative to ensure that the CPAP/Bi-pap therapy is uninterrupted. The pros and cons of each mask should be measured a choice be made with the help of physician.

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