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Crepe Compression Adhesive Bandage

What are Crepe, Cohesive, Adhesive and Compression Bandages?

A crepe bandage is a bandage made of light material (usually cotton, cotton & wool or rayon & cotton). It can be wrapped around different body parts and is used generally for sports and orthopaedic injuries such as cramps, sprains, strains, dislocation and aches. A sprain occurs when a ligament gets stretched or twisted and commonly happens on the knee, ankle, wrist and thumb. A strain occurs when a muscle has been overly stretched or contracted and commonly happens in the hamstring, calves, quadriceps and lower back (lumbar muscles).

Crepe bandages are also used as a pressure dressing for burns, for varicose veins and where ever elastic support is needed. They are elastic, stretchable, breathable and comfortable to wear and provide uniform support. They are generally washable and come in different colours. They are used extensively for home care and also form a part of first aid kits. Crepe bandages are used very extensively for ankle sprains, foot sprains and wrist sprains.

A cohesive bandage is also known as a self adhering bandage. A cohesive bandage adheres to only itself and does not adhere well with other surfaces. It is a popular bandage as it provides compression without sticking to human skin and hair and is thus easier and less painful to remove. Cohesive bandages have wide applications for sportsmen and are commonly used around ankles, knees, wrists and elbows.

An adhesive bandage is a strip of gauze roll for wrapping any part of the body. They are used for a variety of functions – stop the flow of blood, absorb drainage, cushion an injured area, placement of a medicated dressing and to immobilize a body part that has suffered trauma. Adhesive bandages are generally not applied directly on a wound. Moreover, the degree of tightness with which an adhesive bandage is worn should be controlled so as to not impede blood circulation.

Compression bandages are of 2 types – short stretch and long stretch. Compression bandages use compression to reduce the blood flow to an affected area and find applications in controlling edema and in the reduction of swellings.

What should one look at while buying crepe, compression, adhesive and cohesive bandages?

  • - Colour of the bandage
  • - Size of the bandage (length and breadth)
  • - Part of the body part that the bandage needs to cover
  • - Elasticity of the bandage
  • - Type of the condition that the bandage will be used for
  • - Durability of the bandage depending upon the type of affliction and how much time for it to heal

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