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Cvp Manometer

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CVP Manometer is utilized to measure Central Venous Pressure continuously or intermittently. Central venous pressure monitoring is done in Intensive Care units (ICU), CCU, OTs as well as in casualty department. The molded clamps on the CVP Manometer allow for easy fixation on IV stands. CVP monitoring tells the clinician about cardiac function and venous return.

Factors responsible for influencing CVP include –

  1. 1. Intrathoracic pressure
  2. 2. Impaired Cardiac function
  3. 3. Venodilation and Venoconstriction
  4. 4. Pulmonary hypertension
  5. 5. Distributive shock

CVP manometer may be equipped with an injection site to provide medication. The sliding indicator on CVP Manometer helps record previous reading. The leur locks provide safe connection.

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