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Disposable Hospital Linen

What is disposable hospital linen?

For the purpose of health and safety, so that infection can be controlled and hygiene be maintained, the use of fresh and clean linen in a hospital setting is of utmost importance. In areas like ICUs, the linen has to be changed even more frequently. Disposable linen in hospitals can help prevent the growth of micro-organisms that can develop in poorly maintained or unsterile hospital linen. This solves the complications associated with cross-contamination in hospital wards, rooms or operating theatres. When reusable hospital textiles are contaminated with patients’ body fluids, they may contain highly infectious bacteria which could also pose a serious health risk for laundry workers if not managed properly. There have been a number of questions raised with regard to the economic and environmental cost of appointing single use disposable linen in hospitals. However, it should be noted that with advances in manufacturing technology, the costs related to disposable linen have been made more economically and ecologically viable and sustainable. Moreover, the costs to the health and safety of both patients and caregivers at risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens are much higher than any financial or ecological costs related to the use of disposable hospital textiles.

Buy Hospital Linen on Smart Medical Buyer

    1.Bed Cover

This skin friendly, shrink resistant bed cover is available in materials such as Non woven fabric, SMS material, and Laminated Fabric.

    2.Disposable Pillow Cover

Disposable pillow covers come in a standard packaging and are economical

    3.Disposable Plastic Bed Sheet

This bed sheet is made up of high quality fabric providing a smooth texture and affordability

    4.PVC Sterile Bed sheet

This bedsheet is made up of Polyvinyl Chloride material

    5.Disposable Patient towel

Utilized for use by patient and disposed off

    6.Adhesive Disposable Towel

This towel covers the body of the patient and trolley while adhering to it

    7.Disposable Plain sheet

This is a multipurpose plain sheet that is to be discarded after use

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