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Dressings are sterile pads and compresses used in medical procedures. The use of dressings is indicated for: 

  1. 1. Absorption of exudates -

    Dressings are used to soak up bodily fluids and exudates 
  2. 2. Stopping bleeding -

    ;Dressings help seal wounds and help coagulation and clotting happen faster
  3. 3. Protection from contamination and infections -

    Dressings prevent the wound from contamination and microbes as well as mechanical damage 
  4. 4. Debriding of wound -

    Dressings help debride the wound and thus accelerate healing
  5. 5. Reductions of pain -

    Some dressings are impregnated with analgesics which reduce pain. Pain is also reduced due to prevention of further trauma

Common Types of Dressings:

  1. 1. Transparent Film Dressings -

    Transparent film dressings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes making them easier to conform to a large type of wounds and protect the skin at the pressure spots 
  2. 2. Silver Dressings -

    Silver dressings are used in wounds which are already harboring an infection and they are anti-microbial in nature 
  3. 3. Cohesive Bandages -

    Cohesive bandages adhere well to themselves but don’t adhere to the skin. They are useful in reduction of pain, sprains and strains
  4. 4. Absorbent Dressings -

    These come in low, medium and high levels of absorbency and are used on wounds emitting exudates 
  5. 5. Antiseptic Dressings -

    Antiseptic wound dressings are impregnated with antimicrobial compounds to prevent infection
  6. 6. Mesh Wound Dressings -

    These dressings are used over ulcers, trauma wounds, abrasions etc.


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