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Ecg Monitoring Electrode

What are ECG and monitoring electrodes?

Medical electrodes convert the energy of ionic currents in the body into electric current that can be amplified for the purpose of diagnosis. Electrodes are used for a variety of medical procedures and check-ups. Used with monitoring systems, they are reliable predictors of disorders and ailments. Medical electrodes are used in electrocardiography or ECG to record the electric activity of the heart, to diagnose the heart rate, the regularity of heart beats and determine the effect of medication. The onset of various forms of heart disease can be predicted through ECG recordings using the readings to calculate the size and position measurements of the different chambers of the heart.  Monitoring electrodes are used for general monitoring purposes like treadmill test, intensive care unit (ICU) monitoring and critical care unit (CCU) monitoring.

  1. 1. Electrodes with tabs allow for easy placement and removal
  2. 2. Electrodes can be pre-gelled or have to be used with a conducive gel
  3. 3. Latex free electrodes are available for use on people prone to latex allergy and sensitivity
  4. 4. Electrodes come pre-packaged in a standard packaging

What are the precautions to the use of ECG and monitoring electrodes?

ECG and monitoring electrodes should only be used by or in consultation with a medical practitioner. Practice cautionary care during removal of the electrodes to avoid skin damage, especially for patients with fragile skin like the elderly and small children. The patient’s ECG or monitoring electrodes should be replaced as soon as they lose their adhesive properties.The electrodes should not be applied directly over open wounds, infected or inflamed areas. Electrodes should be placed away from any electro-surgical areas to minimize unwanted radio frequency current flow during operations.

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