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Epidural Anaesthesia Products

Epidural Anaesthesia Products

Anaesthesia is an artificially induced insensitivity to pain induced by the administration of injections or gases known as anesthetics. The choice of anaesthesia depends upon:

1. The type of surgical procedure

2. The duration of surgical procedure

3. The physiological status of patient undergoing the surgical procedure

4. Any particular requirement during the surgery

5. Presence of any coexisting diseases

Epidural anaesthesia involves administration of anesthetics in the epidural space between dura mater and the periosteum lining the vertebral canal. The analgesia is produced by blocking of conduction at the intradural spinal nerve roots. The use of the epidural anaesthesia technique is indicated for cases involving an unpredictable duration, chronic pain control, obstetric procedures, vascular reconstruction of lower limbs, amputation, thoracic trauma and an extended post operative anaesthesia. Factors including the site of injection, dosage, age, height, weight and posture of the patient can influence the decision to employ epidural anaesthesia.

The modern epidural anaesthesia procedure usually uses several medical instruments and devices including epidural needle, epidural catheter, epidural filter, catheter adaptor and loss of resistance (LOR) syringe. The types of epidural needles are standard Tuohy needle, blunt tip needle, Crawford needle, Weiss winged needle etc. Epidural anaesthesia offers lower risk of PDPH, less hypotension, option of extending the block with the use of an indwelling catheter and use of the same catheter for the purpose of postoperative analgesic administration. 

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