Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester Sutures

Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester Sutures

Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester Sutures

Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester Sutures

  1. 1.Construction

 Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester Sutures are synthetic, sterile, braided and non-absorbable sutures.

  1. 2.Composition

They are manufactured using the fibres of polyethylene terepthalate which have high molecular weight, long chain and linear polyesters chain which have recurrent aromatic rings as a part of their structure. These are coated sutures and have a coating of polybutilate or poly {oxy-1, 4 butanediyloxy (1, 6-dioxo-1, 6 hexanediyl)}.

  1. 3.Features

 This coating is known to be highly adherent, relatively non reactive and lubricates the suture by significantly improving the mechanical and physical properties. The polybutilate coating improves the handling properties of Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester Sutures when compared to braided uncoated sutures.Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester Sutures are known to have indefinite breaking strength retention.

  1. 4.Indications for use

These sutures are indicated to be used in ophthalmic surgeries and soft tissue ligation/ procedures including cardiovascular surgeries and neurological surgeries. Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester sutures are known to elicit minimal tissue acute inflammatory reaction at the site of suturing and are eventually encapsulated by fibrous connective tissue. The suture fiber and the suture coating are both known to be pharmacologically inactive.

  1. 5.Available Variants

Ethicon Ethibond Excel Polyester sutures are available in the USP 5 to USP 7-0 diameters and as green colored or undyed.

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