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Examination Gloves

Examination Gloves

Examination gloves are worn by a healthcare provider during patient examination and protect the healthcare provider from contracting various blood borne and transmissible diseases. Examination gloves are a vital component of personal protection equipment of a healthcare provider. Several diseases can be transmitted via open wounds, fresh cuts, blood, secretions, body fluids and touching non intact skin. Such hazard is omnipresent in the medical industry hence investing in good examination gloves is imperative to ensure health of the healthcare provider. Gloves are important for health care workers and associated staff for protection from contamination hazards, biochemical hazards and transmissible diseases. While choosing an examination glove it’s important to consider the type of practice and examinations to be performed, the glove material most suitable for the examination procedure and the right fit.

Examination gloves are manufactured using various types of materials. The most common ones are Nitrile and Latex.

1. Nitrile Gloves -

Nitrile gloves are manufactured using the copolymer nitrile butadiene rubber which is composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It is a synthetic alternative to natural rubber latex gloves which are known to induce allergies. Nitrile gloves have a latex-like feel due to vulcanization with sulphur which gives these gloves a rubbery texture. Nitrile gloves are strong, durable, and have textured fingertips for better grip.

2. Latex Gloves -

Latex hand gloves provide chemical resistance, puncture resistance and have better fit and feel comfortable. However, prolonged use of latex glove can sometimes cause latex allergies because they are constructed using natural rubber sap. Those who have allergies should use latex free gloves.

These can be powdered or powder free latex gloves. While powdered gloves are easier to wear and remove, they are known to induce allergies in some people. Powdered gloves may also leave a white residue on the hands of the user.

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