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Fine Starbond Polyester Sutures

Fine Starbond Polyester Sutures

Fine Starbond Polyester Sutures are braided/multifilament non-absorbable sutures. These sutures are indicated to be used in general soft tissue surgeries, ophthalmology, plastic and manual surgeries, orthopaedics, and cardiovascular surgeries. Fine Starbond polyester sutures are manufactured in the USP 5-0 to 5 and the sterilization is done by ethylene oxide (ETO).

Composition -

These sutures are composed of polyester. Fine Starbond Polyester sutures are coated sutures and have a polybutylate coating. These sutures are manufactured in green and white colours.

Construction -

The construction of these sutures makes them soft and pliable construction

Fine Starbond polyester sutures have prolonged tensile strength retention at the tissue site.

Features -

  1. 1. These sutures have smooth tying and knot security
  2. 2. These sutures are known to elicit only a minimal tissue inflammatory reaction

3. The polybutylate coating on these sutures provides smooth and easy passage through the tissue site

  1. 4. Ease of tying due to braided structure of these sutures

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