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Foetal Heart Detector

Foetal Heart Monitor /Doppler

Foetal heart monitors are handheld ultrasound monitors used to hear an embryo’s or fetus’s heartbeat. The waves of the foetal heart monitor are about 40 times lower than that of an ultrasound machine. The foetal heart monitor works on the principle of doppler’s effect. The foetal heart monitor emits ultrasound waves into the area and the foetal heart reflects these waves. The change in frequency is detected by the foetal heart monitor and then transformed into sounds. Foetal heart monitors provide an audible stimulation of the heart beat and may also display heart rate in BPM (beats per minute). Foetal monitors can also have a waterproof probe and are manufactured in different probe frequencies. While some foetal heart monitors automatically display the heart rate, other foetal heart monitors require a healthcare worker to count and time the readings to find the heart rate. These days, foetal heart monitors are also available in pocket sized variants. 

The factors affecting detection of foetal heartbeat are: 

1. The size of the foetus during that stage of pregnancy

2. The position of the fetus in various stages of pregnancy

3. Size of the body of the mother

The foetal heart monitor/doppler is used by exposing the abdomen and applying ultrasound gel and placing the probe in the gel before turning on the device. The probe is glided from the pubic bone towards the umbilicus till the foetal heartbeat is detected. 

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