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Hemodialysis Av Blood Tubing Set

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Hemodialysis/AV blood tubing sets consist of arterial and venous lines. The arterial tubing is utilized to transport blood from the patient to the hemodialysis machine and the venous tubing brings blood back from the hemodyalizer blood to the patient. The color coded tubing ensures easy and prompt identification. AV blood tubing sets may also come with medication ports and needle-stick injury protecting guards. Hemodialysis/av blood tubing sets should be composed of reliable material, have optimum performance and be safe and nontoxic.

A popular choice for Hemodialysis/Blood Tubing set is ADfusion Blood tubing. This AV blood tubing set allows for continuous operation with a 50 hour constant flow. This tubing has been manufactured using the high grade medical material PVC raw material.


Buy Hemodialysis/AV Blood Tubing Set online from Smart Medical Buyer

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