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What is Hernia?

A hernia occurs when the contents of a body cavity come out of the area where they are supposed to remain intact. Hernias are not acutely life threatening, however, it left untreated for a long time they can result in complications in which the blood supply to the contents of the hernia can be cut off.  The causes of hernia include chronic stomach disorders (diarrhoea or constipation), lifting of heavy objects and chronic coughing. Obesity, smoking and poor nutrition also lead to the weakening of the cavity muscles and increases the chances of occurrence of hernias. Symptoms of hernia include a bulge in the affected area, pain or discomfort in the affected area, chest pain, heartburn and difficulty in swallowing. In certain hernias they may be no symptoms as well and discovery might happen only upon physical examination. Endoscopy and barium x rays are other methods applied in the diagnosis of hernias. The most common types of hernias are groin, umbilical, incisional and hiatal. Groin hernias are the ones with the highest incidence over 75% of all hernias worldwide are of this type. Groin hernias are of 2 types – inguinal and femoral. Inguinal hernias occur mostly in men and can be direct or indirect. Femoral hernias are more common in older women. Umbilical hernias are common in newborns and are found around the belly button. Incisional hernias occur post surgery in the abdominal wall where tissues emerge from the sites of surgical wounds that have not completely healed. Between 2-10% of abdominal surgeries lead to incisional hernias. Hiatal hernias occur when a part of the stomach bulges from the diaphragm. Treatment options for hernia depend on the severity of the condition and include lifestyle changes, medication, open or laparoscopic surgeries.

What Hernia Products are Available on Smart Medical Buyer?

At Smart Medical Buyer, our hernia portfolio comprises products that are used in surgical correction of hernias.

    1.Hernia meshes

A hernia mesh or patch is a medical device that provides additional support to weakened and damage tissues at sites where hernias occur. Meshes can be of different types – lightweight and heavyweight, open and laparoscopic (depending upon their flexibility), permanent and absorbable, polypropylene and polyester (and made from various other materials).

    2.Tack fixation devices

Tack fixation device are used for hernia mesh fixation

    3.Hernia suture kits

Hernia suture kits contain multiple absorbable and non-absorbable sutures which can be utilized in hernia repair procedure.

Buy Hernia Mesh, Tack Fixation Device and Hernia Patch at Lowest Prices Online on Smart Medical Buyer

At Smart Medical Buyer, we endeavour to provide our surgeon customers with all products that they need for all types of hernia procedures. We offer products from leading manufacturers including Sutures IndiaEthiconCovidien and G Surgiwear. With the growth in the number of hernia procedures in India we look to add significantly to our portfolio of hernia products in order to increase the standard of care for patients. Hernia/ surgical meshes and tack fixation devices are fast moving products for SMB and customers can be assured of next day dispatch. Hernia products are regulated products and on our portal these products are available for sale only to registered doctors and healthcare establishments. We bring to you the widest range of hernia products at the best prices online in India.