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Hypodermic Needle

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What is a Hypodermic Needle?

A Hypodermic Needle is a hollow needle used to deliver substances into the body or extract samples from the body. Substances to be delivered could be drugs, fluids, etc. A Hypodermic Needle helps in reducing contamination since its surface is very smooth which germs in the environment from getting trapped on the surface, and it is also extremely sharp which helps in creating a hole of a very small diameter.

Choose the right Hypodermic Needle?

Needle length, diameter, and the manufacturer are some of the factors considered by Doctors when making a decision about buying Hypodermic Needles. The diameter is mentioned in Gauge (G) and the length in Inches (or cm). The larger the needles gauge, thinner the diameter. Hence higher the needle gauge size, lesser the pain for the patient. Various needle lengths are available for a given Gauge size. Needles commonly range from 14G to 30G and from 0.5 Inch to 2 Inches.

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