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Imaging gels act as coupling media during diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, Echo and ECG. Imaging gels provides conduction between skin and Transducer/ Electrodes and makes diagnosis more accurate. Imaging gels should ideally be easily spreadable and form an even layer over the patient’s skin. They should also be easy to wipe off and leave no residue. These gels should be non toxic and safe to use on the patient’s skin.

• ECG Imaging Gel – Electrocardiography imaging gel is used as a coupling media during the electrocardiography procedure. Electrocardiography procedure involves attachment of electrodes on patient’s skin. The ECG Imaging Gel is applied on the skin where the electrodes are to be placed as it reduces resistance and improves the transmission of signals. A non-toxic, non-irritating and safe imaging gel should be used during Electrocardiography.

• Ultrasound Gel – Ultrasound gels are water based imaging gels which reduce the friction and act as a coupling media. Ultrasound gels are made using special formulas which do not damage the transducer head. It’s a non-irritating, non-toxic, non greasy gel which does not leave stains on the patient’s skin. Ultrasound gels let the waves pass through the skin, directly to the body parts that need to be scanned.

ECG gels and Ultrasound Gels are manufactured by many trusted companies in India including Arrow, Lab World, and Apex. Imaging gels are specially required where diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound and ECG are performed.

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