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Insulin Syringe Pen Needle

What are insulin syringes and pen needles?

Insulin syringes and pen needles are commonly used for delivering prescribed insulin doses to diabetic patients. While insulin needles have been used for delivering insulin to patients since the introduction of the medication, the use of insulin injection pen for dosing has grown in popularity since the 1990’s. Syringes were previously made of glass, had to be sterilized between uses, and had long, thick, steel surgical needles that could be sharpened for each use. Contemporarily, the syringes are made of plastic and are disposable.

The insulin pen needle size has also transformed, becoming thinner and multi-beveled for easier use. Insulin is usually administered subcutaneously into the layer of fat between muscle and skin. The administration of insulin is aimed to imitate the natural pancreatic secretions and the size of the syringe is chosen by the medical practitioner based on the insulin capacity of the syringe as per the patient’s requirements.

Insulin injection pens utilise pen needles that are disposable and that have been, with development in the technology, increasingly patient-friendly and pain-free. Pens currently come in two varieties: disposable, prefilled pens, and reusable pens that take a prefilled cartridge of insulin.

  1. 1.Durable Pens

They use a replaceable insulin cartridge and a new one is inserted once the cartridge runs out.

  1. 2.Prefilled Pens

These pens have a prefilled insulin and the entire unit has to be discarded after the insulin is run out.

A dial on the side of the pen can be used to measure and alter the administered dose according to the diabetic patient’s needs. While reusable pens are made of metal, disposable insulin pens are made of plastic and deliver insulin in whole units. Medical practitioners also suggest that the practice of injecting insulin through clothing should be avoided. It is important to frequently rotate the site of injecting the medication to avoid skin irritation and sores. Once used for the first time, insulin needle pens should be stored at a controlled room temperature and not in fridge.

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