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Iv Administration Set

IV Administration Sets/Infusion Sets

Intravenous therapy is an important part of administration of drugs, fluids and medications. An IV infusion set consists of a spike, a tube, a roller clamp, a needle, a connector, an injection site, a drip chamber, an air vent, and a solution filter. Situations for use of intravenous therapy include maintaining hydration, correction of dehydration, parenteral nutrition, administration of drugs and transfusion of components of blood. Intravenous therapy provides a controlled and accurate way to administer medication to patient, rapidly corrects electrolyte imbalance, and rehydrates the patient with vital fluids. 

Indications for intravenous infusion include: 

1. Severe vomiting and diarrhea

2. Severe dehydration

3. Shock

4. Hypoglycemia

5. Anaphylaxis

6. Cardiac arrest

7. Forced diuresis in case of poisoning, drug overdose or ingestion of harmful materials

8. To administer antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and medications

Features like kink resistant tubing, roller camp for flow control, disc filter for filtration of administered fluid, strong spike, a non toxic, a Y injection port, rotating type luer slip connector and needle prick protection shield are preferred in an IV administration set. Intravenous administration sets are available in both self sealing latex septum and self sealing latex-free septum options. 

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