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IV Dressings

IV dressings are medical grade dressings to hold intravenous (IV) catheters in place. Loss of IV fluids can cause delay in therapy, increase hospital stay and healthcare costs. A device known as tourniquet is used to locate the vein. Sterilized, latex free, hypoallergenic and breathable dressings equipped with anti bacterial barriers are the preferred types of IV dressings. There are two types of IV dressings available – 

1. Tape and Gauze

These have better absorbency and offer minimal exposure to adhesives. However, they are a poor barrier to bacteria and provide little stability. They must be removed periodically (once in 48 hours)

2. Transparent

These are breathable and provide a semi permeable barrier to contaminants. They are non absorbent hence may not be suitable for sites with bleeding. Transparent IV dressings allow visualization and easy assessment of the site

Tegaderm is a transparent IV dressing which is manufactured by the healthcare giant 3M and has all the characteristics to provide IV line catheter securement. It has a wide range of applications including that for short peripheral catheters, arterial catheters, enteral feeding tubes, dialysis catheters, adult and pediatric venous catheters, pulmonary artery catheters, and midline venous catheters. Tegaderm has an added advantage of breathability. It resists lifting of the edges due to its flexible design. Tegaderm ensures advanced catheter securement, gentle removal and superior wear time. Its waterproof coating provides a barrier against viruses, bacteria and liquids. It is cost effective and very easy to apply and remove. 

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