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Male External Catheter

Male External Catheters

A urinary catheter is a flexible hollow tube which empties the contents of the urinary bladder into a drainage bag. Urinary catheters are used by patients with urinary incontinence, urinary retention, post-pelvic area surgery, obstruction and prostate related complications. They can also be used to maintain the hygiene of bed-ridden patients. There are three types of urinary catheters – foley catheter, nelaton catheter and male external catheter. Male external catheter is a non-invasive catheter and is not inserted inside the body. It is made of a rubber or synthetic sheath. The male external catheter consists of a sheath coated with an adhesive, a convolution and a tip/plug which attaches to a urinary tubing. 

The different types of male external catheters are: 

1. One-piece catheter

2. Two-piece catheter

3. Male external catheter with anti reflux valve 

4. Male external catheter with balloon principle 

5. Male external catheter with help stripe

The catheter is connected to a drainage bag which is usually attached to the leg and collects the excreted urine. The risk of damaging the urethra is the least with male external catheters, however, if proper care isn’t taken a risk of soreness and infection exists. It can be worn using the double sided adhesive, foam strap or jockey type strap. Male external catheters can be worn without needing the assistance of a caregiver.

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