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Medical Lights

Medical Lights

Medical lights are used in hospitals, clinics, operation theaters, nursing homes and health care set ups for examination and increasing visibility during surgical and examination procedures. These lights allow the physician to visualize tissue colour differences and examine the patient. These lights can be wall mounted or table mounted or can come with a moveable stand. 

Smart Medical Buyer’s range of medical light includes -

1. Welch Allyn Green Series 300 General Examination Light – This medical light provides bright, energy efficient and whiter light with a single bright LED that does not need to be replaced. Welch Allyn Green Series 300 General Examination Lights have advanced features like Intense light output, cool operation, multiple mounting options, easy assembling and cleaning, touchless on/off switch for reduction in chances of contamination, and an LED life of 50,000 hours making them a good investment for patient care

2. Welch Allyn Green Series 600 Minor Procedure Light – This medical light has been designed for use in demanding procedures. This medical light has three white LEDs in a wide head and a built-in handle which allows easy maneuvering. The LED produces a brighter light than halogen and consumes less energy. Welch Allyn Green Series 600 Minor Procedures Light is a high performance, ergonomic and long lasting medical light with a LED life of approximately 50,000 hours. The touchless power control and intensity control reduce the risk of contamination. This medical light has various mounting options which can be used as per the requirement and the three white LEDs provide better brightness and greater control over intensity. 

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