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What is a mucus extractor?

A mucus extractor is a device which is indicated for use in new-borns, infants or small children to clear their nasal passage or for suctioning tracheal/bronchial secretion samples of neonates, children and adults for the purpose of laboratory analysis. Removal of mucus from the respiratory passage is a basic step in treating asphyxia of the new-borns. Without a clear airway no success can be expected from other methods of resuscitation. A mucus extractor is usually safe for use even in very small babies, but caution should be practised and the user should perform the procedure using the instrument with proper technique. A mucus extractor may be built with or without the feature of a bacterial filter at the suction end of the instrument. The instrument is also suitable for obtaining and safely transporting mucus specimens for microbiological examination.

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